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*Terms and Conditions

Call Out and Service R 450 excl. VAT
• Thereafter it will be R230.00 per half an hour or part thereof.
• Prices does not include parts or extra workshop repairs.
• If parts are needed you will be quoted, but a technician must assess your machine first. Assessment only: R330.00
• Payment will be COD.
• Quotation valid for 14 days.


Digital Revelation CC guarantees any parts fitted for a period of 1(one) month after completion, after this period, Digital Revelation shall not be responsible for any defects. All and ANY complaints regarding workmanship shall be made within 7(seven) Days of completion of work and it is hereby agreed that Digital Revelation is not responsible for any complaints or claims made after the above stated period. In the event of the Customer or his Agent not being present at the START or during repairs done or parts fitted, Digital Revelation CC will complete all work done with his own discretion then it is agreed that such works are done at the sole risk of the Customer. Only the TERMS AND CONDITIONS as STATED on this Order are valid and NO VERBAL arrangement or promises will be recognized unless written on this Order.

Notwithstanding delivery of any equipment, ownership shall not pass to other purchaser until the purchase price of all the goods sold has been paid in full.

Credit shall only be considered if the goods are not defective in any way, in their original saleable condition and accompanied by this invoice. A handling price of 10% will be charged on all goods returned. Credit shall be passed on the sole discretion of Digital Revelation CC.

The purchase price for every purchase by the purchaser in terms of the agreement shall be on the conditions that credit terms shall at all times be at the sole discretion of the supplier and may be altered and abolished at any time without notice to the purchaser. The purchaser agrees that the call out/quotation fees have been explained to them in full.

Payment of any particular purchase made, or technical work done hereunder is overdue, the purchase price for all purchases made hereunder shall immediately become due and payable despite the provisions of the previous paragraph. We ONLY accept bank guarantee cheques, EFT payments that reflect on our bank statement and cash. All other payments would have to be cleared by the bank (i.e.: 10 working days from deposit date). No post-dated cheques will accepted.

The purchaser agrees to pay interest at 26% PA on all overdue, accounts. A penalty of R80.00 will be charged on any RD [refer to drawer] or altered cheques and no terms will be allowed.

The purchaser hereby consents in terms of section 45 of the magistrate’s court act to the jurisdiction of the appropriate magistrate’s court in respect of any legal proceeding arising wherefrom notwithstanding that such proceedings would otherwise have been beyond the jurisdiction of such magistrate’s court. However, notwithstanding such consent, DIGITAL REVELATION CC shall be entitled in its sole discretion to institute such proceedings in the appropriate SUPREME COURT. The purchaser undertakes to notify the supplier forthwith in writing of any change of address. The buyer’s address given shall be their ‘domicile et executant” for all purposes under this agreement, whether in respect of court process, notices or other documents or communications of whatever nature.

In the event of DIGITAL REVELATION CC instructing its Attorney to collect any amount owing from a Purchaser, the Purchaser shall pay all costs so incurred by DIGITAL RVELAITON CC on the tariff as between an attorney and his own client including collection commission at the rate of 10% on all payments plus V.A.T.

The failure by DIGITAL REVELATION CC to strictly enforce any provisions of these conditions shall not be construed as a waiver by DIGITAL REVELATION CC of any of its rights in terms hereof nor shall it prejudice DIGITAL REVELATION CC right to strictly enforce such conditions.

The customer herby orders the herein mentioned word and acknowledge that the terms and conditions herein have been read and fully understood. The Customer further acknowledge that the said Order is firm and binding and may under no circumstances be cancelled other than by mutual written agreement between the parties hereto, and should the customer hereafter cancel the agreement, the Customer hereby undertakes to pay as damages or pre-estimated loss, an amount equivalent to 20% twenty percent) of the maximum price referred to herein plus additional costs.

“Should the Customer refuses to pay the amount owing in terms of the Contract and/or deny liability for the whole amount or any part thereof owing in terms of this contract and if this amount is outstanding for a period of 10(ten) days or longer, Digital Revelation CC shall be entitled to remove such parts/revers repairs done 2(two) days after providing a written notice to this effect to the Customer. The Customer shall have no right of recourse against the contractor if he exercises this right in accordance with this clause”

Bank Details:
Digital Revelation CC
Bank: Nedbank
Account Number: 1088064809
Branch Code: 198 765


Unit 3, Platinum Close, Platinum Crescent,
Montague Gardens, Milnerton
Cape Town, 7441

Tel: 021 551 1206
Fax: 021 551 0955

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